Work From Home


Would you like to WORK from HOME and build a business?

ProHealth4Life has TWO options for you to consider.
Here are a few details to help you know which one to lean more towards.


1: Kangen Water Machines

Here are some honest pros/cons:

It requires a bigger investment because you actually purchase your own machine.  Trust me, you want one!  They are so awesome and are in high demand literally all over the world.  We have a turn key system already in place.  Teaming up with a billion dollar international company is a brilliant move when it comes to finances.  We highly recommend it.  

There are no quotas or contracts. Start and stop whenever you want. It also has extremely low business overhead. To learn more we recommend you attend the 10 Day BUSINESS Water Boot Camp. This will help you know and understand the ins and outs of the business side of the company. The cost of the Business Boot Camp is $49.00 and worth every penny.

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2: Thrive Life Groceries/Food Storage/Ruvi

Here are some honest pros/cons:

This one has a much smaller initial investment... as low as around $100 or up to $495.  
Whichever kit you choose gives you an assortment of freeze-dried food with it!  You can also choose the famous RUVI... which is super popular and yummy! The word "ruvi" means "roots of the earth."  Some people utilize RUVI to introduce people to the company. It's a WIN! This one pays much less initially but has excellent potential for residual income.

People LOVE their Thrive Life food and set up their monthly deliveries creating nice residual income for you. I also love that the company puts your earnings directly into your account every MONDAY.  A bigger payout involving commission on team sales and more goes directly into your bank account on the 15th of each month.  Payday!   Business overhead with Thrive Life is also ridiculously low.  If you want a commission check all you have to do is spend $50 in your thrive groceries per month. We will definitely be doing that anyway.

Watch a compensation video to see how you will be paid as a consultant:


Whichever you decide... go for it! 
We do BOTH and will assist you! Our passion is helping people live healthy.

Being financially secure is part of being healthy!